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The history of ceramics in the Mediterranean Sea is the result of the events and of the customs of all those people who were present in the area: the Greeks, the Romans. the Arabs, the Swabians and the Spaniards.
Militello ceramics wanted to recover this priceless heritage of art and civilisation. which may be seen in Sicily. The first Italian Region to be dominated by the Arabs. This heritage found his natural cradle in Caltagirone, a centre of big and ancient civilisations, and a centre of ceramic culture since the mists of time. Sicily is in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea: Caltagirone is in the centre of Sicily. The city, in the centuries of its highest brightness. adorned by means of its floorings and the majolicaware produced in the forgeries of his masters. the houses of the nobles, the churches and the countryside villas.

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High quality materials and careful workmanship of a great tradition with innovative research of materials and techniques to service a stylistic research.
High quality materials and careful workmanship, in the midst of a great ceramic tradition, essential characteristics of ceramics Militello. for innovative research, the treatment of evolution are the constants of the production of majolica from 1970 to the present. With a production of coatings ranging from hand-decorated majolica and terracotta tiles for floors and walls, indoor and outdoor, all tiled floors and kitchen pertavoli, lava stone finishes (skirting boards, frames etc.) the different collections that express different styles from traditional to contemporary are used in important areas such as the bathroom or kitchen with the ability to coordinate surfaces and colours and material such as lava stone glass ela majolica.

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The company for years has directed the production in the contract sector. Thanks to a wide range of structured products and excellent support from a team of professionals, architects and designers, and technicians that create synergies and partnerships aimed at the realization of projects of hotels, residential, historic buildings, villas or spas until the street furniture

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The meeting point between innovation in craftsmanship and aesthetic quality the new collections of coatings offering an exclusive and personalized solutions range to the designer or interior designer. In support of projects of interiors are traditional or contemporary design furniture objects, in a sign of dexterity and tactile appeal of the product.



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Thanks to the flexibility of the production that is part of a fundamental aspect of craft size MADE IN ITALY, and thanks to the competence and the professionalism that the company provides, offers tailor-made solutions With a process that goes from terracotta and majolica handmade majolica lava stone processing that is used in cooking to the top or in the bathroom and finally the production of stained glass.



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